COLLECTIVE CARD READING-15 APRIL 2023 (ONLY for those with whom it resonates):

O’siyo, Aloha! and G’day everyone,

04:34 PM on the clock when I start the interpretative reading, finishing at 04:44 PM

Yesterday the cards touched on FREEDOM. Today, they still do, but want to remind you that things are going to be better than you expected, and everything you do and everything you THINK will become your reality. There will also be as mentioned yesterday travel, or moving to a different region/ country. As free-spirited beings we have the power to do whatever we want.

Think it – Do it – BE IT.

Because freedom beckons, we will be walking away from people and situations that not only no longer serve us but that don’t deserve us very soon and while it will be difficult, it is necessary to do the things that best serve YOU, because good times are ahead and you truly do want to be a part of that, right?

I do.


8 is not only the symbol for infinity/ forever, it is the number associated with business, the achiever and measuring life by the goals it reaches. It’s a powerful presence, prosperous, accomplished, dedicated, strong, professional, ambitious, karmic, enduring and successful and yet also the symbol for balance. For every blessing it receives, it puts one back out to the universe. It can be materialistic, authoritative, entitled, hence the reason for balance as when things are balanced, they are stable, supported and the perfect environment for the 8 to work. 

In Chinese culture, the 8 is the luckiest number of the all in all aspects of life.

In tarot, the 8th card is Strength, which represents karmic power, Scorpio and Saturn.

It is also my life path number. 

Very powerful!

Wado 🐺, Mahalo 🌺, Thank you 🙏xoxo

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