COLLECTIVE CARD READING-16 APRIL 2023 (ONLY for those with whom it resonates):

O’siyo, Aloha! and G’day everyone,

02:22 PM on the clock when I start the interpretative reading, finishing at 02:32 PM

Magick is all around us, you need to inhale it, sense it, feel it within your core – ground in it, cleanse in it and look up at it. The magick is inside every one of us to be who we want to be – YOU have the power to manifest ANYTHING and achieve the outcome you desire. When it comes to magick and power, you can also harness this from those around you, the wise elders whose knowledge spans generations. It’s something that’s lost in today’s generation. They’d rather listen to a sports start or singer than their elders. But as you can see, Divine Masculine AND Feminine are present within the magick of YOU. Tap into it and start creating your own magick. And yes, the wise elders could also represent our Higher Selves, God/ Source/ The Prime Creator and Mother Gaia.. look around you, SEE what’s going on and feel their presence and her heartbeat to reap everything you deserve.

Wado 🐺, Mahalo 🌺, Thank you 🙏xoxo

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