COLLECTIVE CARD READING-18 APRIL 2023 (ONLY for those with whom it resonates):

O’siyo, Aloha! and G’day everyone,

08:34 PM on the clock when I start the interpretative reading, finishing at 08:38 PM

Victory goes towards those who have done the hard work to overcome the deep state/ cabal control. Those brave souls who signed up to incarnate on Earth for the war of wars, to those who woke and help fight against control for the betterment of humanity, this is for you. All the hard work, many MANY downloads and ascension symptoms disguised in lies, and the sheer exhaustion of the fight itself, may you now seek the rest you so deserve and in between the abyss that is the waiting, find a balance between the heart and mind amidst the fogginess, for the lies perpetrated will be shown as truths, and your successes will result in your freedom. Allow yourself time to just relax – just let them be, and everything will be clear to you in time. So let’s embrace the work done, embrace the new beginnings and remember that a little solar eclipse only messes with your head, not your heart.

Wado 🐺, Mahalo 🌺, Thank you 🙏xoxo

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