COLLECTIVE CARD READING-20 APRIL 2023 (ONLY for those with whom it resonates):

COLLECTIVE CARD READING (ONLY for those with whom it resonates):

O’siyo, Aloha! and G’day everyone,

02:12 PM on the clock when I start the interpretative reading, finishing at 02:22 PM

With every new moon and the addition of a solar eclipse comes new beginnings and the chance to release emotions that no longer serves you.

This reading correlates with my TikTok video you can see @l_e_h_o_n_a_n_i… BE that independent, confident person you’ve always wanted to be, be assertive and empowered. Leave negativity behind and take the lead in your life because it is YOUR life after all, right?

When exhausted, rest and recharge, but remember you have control of everything – success, freedom, independence, confidence, security and stability are yours. Grab it, and run with it.

9 – endings, 10/1 – beginnings

Wado 🐺, Mahalo 🌺, Thank you 🙏xoxo

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