COLLECTIVE CARD READING-24 APRIL 2023 (ONLY for those with whom it resonates):

O’siyo, Aloha! and G’day everyone,

06:34 PM on the clock when I start the interpretative reading, finishing at 07:02 PM

THE TOWER MOMENT is upon us. 

And it’s not so much chaos and destruction in the natural disaster sense, because that’s already happening around the world and battles (war) taking place in our skies above if you should ever look up to see (no storm required).. nope, this is more about the other type of chaos and destruction: unexpected change, you know, the kind you know is coming but you don’t know when kind? Yeah, THAT one. The one that every awakened human, lightworker, healer and person about to ascend to newer and more exciting futures are waiting patiently in the wings for knowing that first, there’s a little more upheaval before freedom comes, in this instance that is the new QFS called Nesara/Gesara, already implemented and operational as of last week.  If anyone is confused by this new banking system which doesn’t require a bank, look to those wise, more mature souls in command of this knowledge.  The road to riches as it may seem is not through a bank, so do not seek one for the answers. Continue to dream, manifest your desires for whatever your heart centre aligns with and asks for, is what you will receive. New beginnings, love, empathy, compassion, happiness and good, positive vibes are headed your way.. just a little more patience and you’ll have everything you’ve always wanted, and be where you can only imagine in your dreams, or on a Sci Fi show 

Wado 🐺, Mahalo 🌺, Thank you 🙏xoxo

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